UF thesis and dissertation

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UF dissertation is a scientific work of qualifying nature, confirming a deep knowledge of the discipline, the ability to uncover a topic that is relevant for science, its novelty and practical application.

Such work after the defense allows you to get a scientific degree of candidate of sciences and claim the title of assistant professor.

Before proceeding with the research, it is important for the applicant to understand what the candidate’s degree provides. In addition to access to the small academic community and increasing authority among colleagues, the candidate receives numerous advantages. For example, he or she may work as a teacher in a university and receive a supplement as a school teacher. Continuing research activities in the future, you can defend a doctoral and get a doctoral degree.

How to start writing a candidate

When planning complex scientific research, it is necessary to take into account how much time a Ph.D. thesis is written. The writing process itself takes about a year, but the work on collecting material and systematizing it should be done much earlier.

In addition, you need to publish several scientific articles (at least three must meet the requirements of the Higher Attestation Commission) and monographs. In total, the process can take up to 3 years, require high concentration and great effort.

The heavy workload at the central place of work and the lack of time to write the author’s research are the main reasons why a prospective candidate can seek professional help.

Stages of writing a thesis

There are general rules applicable to the writing of scientific and qualification work, regardless of its direction and subject matter.

Before writing a Ph.D. thesis, it is necessary to consult with the supervisor. For a graduate student, he or she will select the appropriate topic, and the applicant will indicate the relevance of the chosen topic.

Moving on, it is necessary to move to the collection of current sources published in scientific journals (scientific and journalistic articles, cognitive and educational literature are not included in this list). It will be important to study test reports and experiments, as well as the introduction of the latest developments.