Research paper thesis statement

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Writing in the form of reasoning should convince the reader of a particular issue, and allow him to understand some problematic points.


The basis of every research paper is a correctly formulated thesis statement. An example of a research essay that got a high grade suggests a specific structure. In educational institutions, works in the form of researches are a relatively standard type of homework.


In addition to demonstrating your ability to think, it is essential to convince and explain the arguments cited. The structure of the essay must be clearly observed. First, a particular thesis is put forward, and an example confirms the position of the author. Then follows a clear and understandable conclusion, which completes the consideration of this thesis. It is necessary to make a plan for your essay. It is essential to allocate logical parts in it. In order to avoid repetitions, there are various ways to bring specific arguments.

The first step will be a clear statement of the thought that will be subject to argumentation. You can choose from any thesis. In order to identify the effectiveness of the argument, you need to read the wording of the thesis to different people. If they have no questions about your point of view, you can proceed to the next stage of work. In a complete essay, reasoning implies three parts. The first part assumes a thesis (an example of thought, judgment, position, which will be proved in the course of the essay itself). The second part considers arguments that should be clear and convincing. In the end, a clear and logical conclusion is suggested, which repeats the thesis of your research paper.

Thesis plan

Thesis plan is a way of structuring the text used to reveal the essence and purpose of the written work. Looking at such a plan, you can understand what the essay is about and whether it will be interesting to read it at all.

Also, a thesis plan will help you concentrate on the work. There are various types of such plans:

  • quote;
  • argument;
  • question.