Dissertation chair

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The correct choice of the curator is the key to successful writing of a master’s thesis. The main task of this specialist is to suggest the algorithm for writing scientific work. Competent dissertation preparation is the responsibility of the applicant.

How is the supervisor appointed

The approval of the consultant and the topic of work is carried out by the council of the selected educational institution.

List of documents provided by the undergraduate or graduate student:

  • Applicant’s statement, drawn up according to the established sample
  • A protocol of the discussion of issues by members of the department
  • Extract from the decision made by the council
  • Written consent of the supervisor, a list of his published monographs and other works (requires leadership experience in writing a dissertation)

After reviewing the documentation, the package is sent to the pro-rector. The deadline for the decision on the appointment of the supervisor and the approval of the chosen topic is three months after enrollment in graduate school or magistracy.

The work done with the author is documented and provided to the Academic Council and vice-rectors in a specified time frame.

Main responsibilities

In the process of writing a dissertation, the supervisor must:

  • oversee the process of drawing up a thesis (developing a work plan, content, etc.);
  • timely advise a graduate student or undergraduate on the experiments and research;
  • control the writing of monographs and the central part of the thesis;
  • assist in the preparation and implementation of the dissertation plan;
  • assist in preparation for final exams from the graduate school;
  • to participate in the certification of the dissertation;
  • conclude the work done by the ward;
  • monitor pedagogical practice;
  • prepare a decision on the preparation of the written work for consideration by the dissertation council;
  • make an objective review of the dissertation.

Criteria for choosing a supervisor

Compliance with a few simple recommendations will help the candidate to select the right chair:

  • The area of interest must coincide or overlap with the future curator. This will help to find a common language with the scientist quickly.
  • Experience in conducting a series of experiments and research is also essential.