APA dissertation format

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The APA style was created in 1929 by the American Psychological Association to create simple and clear rules for the design of scientific publications.

The APA link design rules are based on the author-year system, for example, inside the text, the author’s name and the date of creation of the source are indicated: (Rogalevitš, 2017).

The link should be indicated for each paragraph or sentence that is not written by the author of the work or in the wording of which other people’s thoughts and ideas were used. For a paragraph, a link is added at the end of the sentence, depending on the wording of the text 

For example:

According to scientists, appraisers are not interested in the quality of the content – they are more focused on indicators (Uustalu, 2013).

Uustalu (2013) writes that according to scientists…

In 2013, Uustalu wrote that…

In the case of a quote, you must specify the page number from which the quote is taken. The name is indicated after the year and is separated by a colon:

Uustalu (2013: 15) writes that “…..”.

If numbered links are used, then it is easier to refer inside the text: In 2013, Uustalu wrote that … [1]. Or along with the page number: In 2013, Uustalu wrote that … [1,15].

There is no difference from where the quote is taken, from paper sources or the Internet – it is necessary to refer in any case! If a web page was used, then the author and year should also be indicated (date of update or viewing).

If the author is not specified in the source, then it is necessary to refer to the name and year. The source must be well studied, and the author can indicate the organization or the owner of the web page.

Specify page numbers if you are using a direct quotation. In some cases, you need to specify the page number to explain where you got the information from. You must specify the page number for a direct quotation. Always indicate the page number at the end of the offer, even if you provide the author’s last name and publication date before it.